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Audrey VandeWalle D.C.

Location: Austin TX & Georgetown TX

Dr. Audrey VanDeWalle has a special interest in quick recovery from injuries. She is specially trained in the treatment and prevention of injuries that stem from the spine and radiate into the arms and legs including symptoms from the head, neck, shoulder, hand, back, knee and feet.

Over the years she has developed protocols that efficiently treat injuries that are the result of trauma or overuse. Her patients that follow her system of prevention post-treatment, greatly reduce re-injury and increase their physical performance.

She is a native Austinite, second-generation chiropractor, and a former collegiate athlete. Growing up with a lifetime of chiropractic care - she has seen and experienced Chiropractic’s many benefits. It is now her mission to help others discover the same benefits and to positively impact the healthcare community through excellent clinical results and patient experience.

Experience / Education

Dr. VanDeWalle has specific training in work injuries and prevention as well as motor vehicle collision injuries. In the past, she has been an Ergonomic Consultant for Future Industrial Technologies (F.I.T.) - an injury prevention company that offers training programs for its business clients that lower the risk of injury and raise productivity. Clients include: Wells Fargo, Williams Gas Pipeline (Houston, TX), and Medline Medical Supplies (San Antonio). She has also been a Designated Doctor for Texas Workers’ Compensation Division for several years.

In the past, Dr. Audrey has also been chiropractor to TXRD (Austin’s ORIGINAL banked track roller derby). She has worked with many amateur and competitive athletes including dancers, runners, crossfitters, and other sports.

Dr. Audrey received her bachelor’s degree from Texas State University where she played soccer and her doctorate from Parker University in Dallas, Texas. She also trained and mentored under several experienced practitioners including her father, Dr. Mike VanDeWalle DC, an expert in the chiropractic field and the Gonstead technique.

Professional Associations

As a member of the American Chiropractic Association and former Board Member serving as the Austin area Director of the Texas Chiropractic Association, Dr. VanDeWalle is involved in the preservation, progress, and development of her profession.

Her professional experience over the years ranges from working with elite and amateur athletes, including dancers, runners, crossfitters, and other sports. She has been a chiropractor to TXRD (Austin’s ORIGINAL banked track roller derby). She has been an ergonomics trainer for Future Industrial Technologies (F.I.T.)- an injury prevention specialist company that offers training programs specific to the client that lowers risk for injury and raises productivity for businesses; clients have included Wells Fargo (Austin), Medline (San Antonio), and Williams Gas Pipeline (Houston). She has also worked as a Designated Doctor for Texas Workers’ Compensation Division for 4 years.

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Nikki Thornton D.C.

Location: Georgetown TX

Dr. Nikki Thornton grew up in Germany and Fort Hood Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Health Wellness, a Bachelor's in Anatomy, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University in 2009.

Dr. Thornton was part of a selected few students to be chosen for the University's exclusive Clinic Abroad program for her internship in Bogota, Colombia where she was immersed in the nation's Olympic athlete care program. She had the honor to treat 8 of the top 20 athletes in the country, gaining valuable sports chiropractic knowledge. After graduation, she first practiced in California for 3 years but moved back to Dallas Texas, and has been in the Austin area since 2016.

Her hobbies are singing, art, gardening, cooking, and weightlifting.

Dr. Thornton first realized she was a chiropractor after a car accident at 19 years old, she was in so much pain and it changed the trajectory of her life for the worse until she saw a chiropractor and was inspired by how quickly her life returned to normal. She has a passion for chiropractic and helping everyone through quality, thorough chiropractic care and a heart for humanity. Dr. Thornton has years of experience in treating patients of all ages from infants to great-grandparents, pregnancy, and professional athletes to broadway dancers. She looks forward to continuing her mission for her community!