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Our Techniques and Services

American Chiropractic Clinic — Austin offers the best in high-quality chiropractic techniques and complementary services for either gentle pain relief or health and performance enhancement.

We have the right tools to optimize your wellness options!

Here are some of our chiropractic techniques and services:

Chiropractic Techniques at American Chiropractic Clinic -- Austin in Austin

Gentle, effective chiropractic care: keeping your entire family healthy!

Chiropractic Techniques

Additional Services

Our Austin Patients Love Our Unique Approach

We pride ourselves on our evaluation protocols to arrive at the right diagnosis: we’re very thorough, in-depth and detailed in our approach. Our philosophy is that “the more we know, the better treatment plan we can develop.” This means an accurate diagnosis, faster pain relief and optimal enhancement of the wellness state.

Is Treatment Painful?

No. Our adjustments and adjunctive services are designed to not only relieve pain and dysfunction, but to instill confidence and relaxation. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach, and make great effort to ensure the comfort and well-being of each patient.

We have a variety of manual techniques to choose from, as well as very gentle and effective instrument-based adjusting that’s ideal for babies, the elderly and those who prefer a light touch.


Ready to get started? We’d love for you to experience our top-notch treatment protocols! Call us today! (512) 346-5567

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